Finding Support for Yourself

It can be easy to jump ahead and strive to support your partner without processing the news of an unplanned pregnancy with someone first. To successfully support your partner during this journey, you will want to find support for yourself.

It’s vital as a man to talk to someone about the concerns and fears you may have, as these are very normal as you face an unplanned pregnancy. Know that you are not alone! Three simple steps to finding support as a man while you experience an unplanned pregnancy are…

  1. Talk to someone you trust (we offer a safe place at our center to talk confidentially)
  2. Give yourself a day or two to work through your fears and other emotions
  3. Make a plan (our team can help you with this step too!)

Supporting Your Partner

A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may not only be going through similar emotions as you could be, but she also experiences hormonal and body changes that affect her mood. It’s important to do your best to listen, encourage her when she needs it, and offer her support.

Your partner needs you during this moment as she navigates through her pregnancy decision. Listen and make sure you’re available for your partner whenever she needs you. This will make a world of difference to her right now.

Confirm the Pregnancy

It’s important to confirm your partner’s pregnancy is viable right away. A viable pregnancy means it’s progressing inside the uterus. There is a chance that the at-home pregnancy test your partner took is a false positive

Some women experience early miscarriages or an ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus). Before deciding on a pregnancy decision, confirmation of your partner’s pregnancy through a medical-grade pregnancy test and ultrasound at our center is needed. Talk to our caring team to determine what your next best step is. 

STD/STI Testing

Many people think “It would never happen to me” when thinking about STD/STIs. Though it seems scary, to be sure that you haven’t contracted an STD/STI, get tested today. You owe it to yourself to receive the clarity you need.

While some types of sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) go away on their own, many do not and come with serious health complications if not treated. If you have sex of any kind, medical experts recommend you and your partner get regularly tested, even if you don’t have symptoms.

24/7 Dad Workshop

Where will you get the tools you need to grow as a man and a father? The “7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad” workshop provides men with the basic tools needed to:

  • Grow as a man
  • Prepare to be a dad
  • Sharpen parenting skills

The workshop is conducted in a small group setting. The sessions are designed to provide dads with a solid foundation on which to grow as a man and build their parenting skills. We teach 7 habits of a “good” father while providing a support and accountability group.

The workshop meets once a week, 1 ½ hour sessions, for 9 weeks. There is no cost to attend. Workbooks and meals are provided by CPCC. To find out more about the 24/7 Dad workshop, contact us today! Or email us at or call 252-240-2980.