24/7 Dad Workshop

Where will you get the tools you need to grow as a man and a father?

The “7 Habits of a 24/7 Dad” workshop provides men with the basic tools needed to:

  • Grow as a man
  • Prepare to be a dad
  • Sharpen parenting skills

The workshop is conducted in a small group setting. The sessions are designed to provide dads with a solid foundation on which to grow as a man and build their parenting skills. We teach 7 habits of a “good” father while providing a support and accountability group.

The workshop meets once a week, 1 ½ hour sessions, for 9 weeks. There is no cost to attend. Workbooks and meals are provided by CPCC.

To find out more about the 24/7 Dad workshop email am24-7dad@hotmail.com or call 252-240-2980.

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24/7 Dad Workshop Flyer / Bulletin Insert 

Father and Son
National Fatherhood Initiative
The 24/7 Dad® curriculum will require each man to really examine himself, his relationship with his children and the relationship with the mother of his children. If every man who enters this program is open to change, I have no doubt in my mind he will change and for the better.

—Sterling Alexander, Vice-President, M.E.N

24 7 Dad Workshop